Monday, February 27, 2012

Late MegaCon Update

Ok, I know MegaCon was over a week ago. I know that everyone will be talking about Image Comics Expo and all of its awesome-sauceness, but I don’t give a hoot about that! I went to MegaCon so I will be talking about that. I would have posted sooner but I have this thing called a day job still and that takes time and energy too.
After dropping the dogs off with the in-laws we zoomed over to Orlando to get the booth in artist alley set up. After check in at the hotel we did not make the set up time (boo!!!) but we did run into my buddy Marsha (hooray!!!) in the hotel lobby. After we got set up in our room we went downstairs to hang out with Marsha and guess who was hanging out? Oh just Darwyn Cooke, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Frank Tieri. Stand up guys those three. If you get a chance to read their stuff, especially their indie/creator owned titles, do it. You won’t be sorry. 
MegaCon Day 1:
This day was my “working as Ashley’s agent so she doesn’t get taken advantage of day”. Ashley and I met up at the con super early to set up our booth. Once everything was set up I explored the convention floor to get a lay out of the place. MegaCon had expanded by about three times since last year. It is a good thing they did too, after the final count over 45,000 people walked through the floor. It was all work for Ashley, she got a commission within the first 30 minutes of the convention doors opening. The rest of the Friday was a blur of working the table. That night my hubs and I went to Gerald of the Anime World Order Podcast’s house. All three of the AWO (Gerald, Daryl and Clarrissa) and Paul Chapman of The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast were there. I think an anime called Cobra was on and I was kinda into it because it was very 80s sci-fi feeling. But you don’t care about that or the fact that I crushed Daryl with my mighty hugging muscles.
Day 2:
Despite the fact that MegaCon was bigger than ever Saturday was still shoulder to shoulder packed! Lots of fantastic cosplay was going on and was pleasantly surprised to see many physically fit men cosplaying. That afternoon was the Womanthology panel. Barbara Kesel monitored the panel and I must say I was a bit too wordy but I have a lot to say dammit! The audience was really well read and had a lot of gender issue questions. After the panel my booth in artist alley got slammed! It was so much fun! I had to even cut Ashley off of her commissions at one point. I’m telling you, in two years the cons will be begging her to be a guest.
Day 3:
Work work work. That’s all we did at the artist alley booth. I made a couple of stick figure signs to put out if one of us went on break or to get food and someone demanded to buy one! So I made $2 for a minute’s worth of work. Hell, I might have to look into that….. :P 
Sorry I don’t have any exciting stories. I was so exhausted from working the convention that every night I went to bed early. It was so wonderful to finally meet some of my fellow FL based Womanthology ladies in person, to meet @Ginger_Curls ( ), to hang out with Paul ( )and the AWO  cats ( ) even if it was ever so briefly, and it’s good to know that I might have a career as a stick figure artist if this whole writing thing does not work out. 
Big thanks going out to Beth at MegaCon for giving Womanthology some panel time. <3

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