Monday, May 30, 2011

Fan Art and Heroes Con

This last week I received some fan art by an enthusiastic reader, Fred Neck. I cannot say how surreal and awesome it is to have someone doing fan art of a character I created. Four years ago I never would have dreamed that happening. Now when I go out for a pint I’m answering questions for people who LOVE Destiny in Aspire enough to make fan art of her! Keep it up guys and gals!
I know I’ve said this a bajillion times already but I’m saying it again: the artist of Aspire, Ashley Lanni, and I will be at Heroes Con in NC this week. Marsha Cooke has been kind enough to give us time at her table on Friday and Saturday so anyone who isn’t from FL who wants to check out Aspire here’s your chance to pick it up without bothering with a shipping fee. Look for us at the Teenage Satan booth on Friday from 12-1:30 and Saturday from 4-5:30!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Filled with so much love for Aspire that you might explode? ME TOO! So here's more fan space for all things Aspire:
Destiny now has a twitter at @AspireComic
Facebook now has an Aspire fan page for you to "Like"
All fan mail can go to

More exciting news; we got our first piece of fan art which we will be posting soon. If you have any fan art send it on over via the new email!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aspire #2

 Well everyone it's been 2 crazy months of talking all of you  into buying the first issue of Aspire and guess what? All of you loved it so much that you shared it with others and we had to do THREE SEPARATE PRINTINGS of #1!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I wish I could take you all out for ice cream but I have bills to pay so maybe another time! ;)

Last weekend if you went to the Cult Fiction Convention or the Comic Con Plus in Jacksonville, FL you had the chance to pick up issue #2 of Aspire early! Everyone who didn't don't worry, I'm writing this blog post on a Tuesday evening which means tomorrow is Wednesday = new comics. I'm asking everyone do me a big favor right now; if you like Aspire enough to continuously get it please put it on your pull list (or go ahead and get a pull list if you don't already) at your local comic shop! It will help the shops know how many books to order from me and it will let me know how many to print! If you do not live the Jacksonville area you can order from Movement Comics or have your local comic shop contact me directly at to talk about getting Aspire into your area shops.

Quick side note: Ashely and I will be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC in a little over a week. Marsha Cooke, one of the creators of Teenage Satan, has agreed to give us booth time at her personal booth for various times throughout the weekend. We do not have times set in stone yet but as soon as they are figured out I will post on here. We will be traveling with another Jacksonville artist EdBot5000 and the publisher of Movement Magazine Max Michaels (who also does beautiful dark art photography). It will be a party in my Kia on the drive up!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Double Duty for Aspire!!!

This evening was full of OMG for news regarding Aspire. As many of you know this Sunday is Jacksonville, FL's quarterly mini comic con Jax Comic Con Plus and both Ashley and I will have a booth there. We'll be selling copies of Aspire issues 1 AND 2! You read right, issue #2 will be out. The official release date is May 25th but we're doing a special release this weekend at Comic Con Plus AND at the Cult Fiction Convention in downtown Jacksonville. Again, you read that right. Movement Magazine ( a part of Movement Comics) will have a table at the first annual Cult Fiction Convention. I'm seriously thinking about running up to Pam Grier, Foxy Brown herself, and giving her copies of Aspire.

This is only the beginning of the comic booking adventures of Ashely and Rachel. In two weeks we'll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. The talented Marsha Cooke (Teenage Satan, which will rock your socks off) has agreed to give us time at her booth throughout the weekend. 

Like I said, this evening was full of OMG. See you this weekend?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yesterday rolls on.

As you all know yesterday was Free Comic Book Day. I hope everyone ventured out to their local shops and explored the shelves of the funny, and sometimes not so funny but very grown up themed, comic books. Ashley and I set up a table for Aspire at one of the six local comic shops in the Jacksonville, FL area: Universe of SuperHeroes. We had a stellar day! Not only did we sell and sign over 30 copies of Aspire to fans but Ashley sold a few pieces of her original art (yay!) and we made new friends ( Hi Edbot5000 !!!) and lots of new fans. It was overwhelming the amount of excitement people had over local talent  going into the comic business. People who haven't "been that into comics" bought copies of Aspire and grabbed up issues of the FCBD comics. I hope  that our book helps to open the doors of enjoyment to a new entertainment medium for those that decided to go on the the FCBD adventure.
If you missed out on grabbing a copy of Aspire at FCBD day please do not cry. If you're in the Jacksonville area on May 22nd stop by ComicConPlusJax at the Holiday Inn off Baymeadows and I95. Both Ashley and I will be there with copies of Aspire AND more original art from the talented Ashley Lanni.
See you then!