Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Double Duty for Aspire!!!

This evening was full of OMG for news regarding Aspire. As many of you know this Sunday is Jacksonville, FL's quarterly mini comic con Jax Comic Con Plus and both Ashley and I will have a booth there. We'll be selling copies of Aspire issues 1 AND 2! You read right, issue #2 will be out. The official release date is May 25th but we're doing a special release this weekend at Comic Con Plus AND at the Cult Fiction Convention in downtown Jacksonville. Again, you read that right. Movement Magazine ( a part of Movement Comics) will have a table at the first annual Cult Fiction Convention. I'm seriously thinking about running up to Pam Grier, Foxy Brown herself, and giving her copies of Aspire.

This is only the beginning of the comic booking adventures of Ashely and Rachel. In two weeks we'll be at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. The talented Marsha Cooke (Teenage Satan, which will rock your socks off) has agreed to give us time at her booth throughout the weekend. 

Like I said, this evening was full of OMG. See you this weekend?

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