Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aspire #2

 Well everyone it's been 2 crazy months of talking all of you  into buying the first issue of Aspire and guess what? All of you loved it so much that you shared it with others and we had to do THREE SEPARATE PRINTINGS of #1!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! I wish I could take you all out for ice cream but I have bills to pay so maybe another time! ;)

Last weekend if you went to the Cult Fiction Convention or the Comic Con Plus in Jacksonville, FL you had the chance to pick up issue #2 of Aspire early! Everyone who didn't don't worry, I'm writing this blog post on a Tuesday evening which means tomorrow is Wednesday = new comics. I'm asking everyone do me a big favor right now; if you like Aspire enough to continuously get it please put it on your pull list (or go ahead and get a pull list if you don't already) at your local comic shop! It will help the shops know how many books to order from me and it will let me know how many to print! If you do not live the Jacksonville area you can order from Movement Comics or have your local comic shop contact me directly at radeph@gmail.com to talk about getting Aspire into your area shops.

Quick side note: Ashely and I will be attending Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC in a little over a week. Marsha Cooke, one of the creators of Teenage Satan, has agreed to give us booth time at her personal booth for various times throughout the weekend. We do not have times set in stone yet but as soon as they are figured out I will post on here. We will be traveling with another Jacksonville artist EdBot5000 and the publisher of Movement Magazine Max Michaels (who also does beautiful dark art photography). It will be a party in my Kia on the drive up!

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