Monday, May 30, 2011

Fan Art and Heroes Con

This last week I received some fan art by an enthusiastic reader, Fred Neck. I cannot say how surreal and awesome it is to have someone doing fan art of a character I created. Four years ago I never would have dreamed that happening. Now when I go out for a pint I’m answering questions for people who LOVE Destiny in Aspire enough to make fan art of her! Keep it up guys and gals!
I know I’ve said this a bajillion times already but I’m saying it again: the artist of Aspire, Ashley Lanni, and I will be at Heroes Con in NC this week. Marsha Cooke has been kind enough to give us time at her table on Friday and Saturday so anyone who isn’t from FL who wants to check out Aspire here’s your chance to pick it up without bothering with a shipping fee. Look for us at the Teenage Satan booth on Friday from 12-1:30 and Saturday from 4-5:30!!!

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